How I Became U Ching

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How I Became U !

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Genetic Code

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“How I Became U” tells a story not in words, but in numbers. The U Ching is a name given to a unique number code discovery that explains the multidimensional connections of the 0-63 number frequencies of the 64 hexagrams we know from the I Ching. What we study is how this number code is related to the 64 DNA codons of our genetic code.

This newfound logic has its roots in the ancient Chinese book the I Ching. For some reason this knowledge was hidden during the time of history. It was right before Galactic Synchronisation in 2013 that the U Ching was published for the first time, as a gift for the Planetary Kin and Earth Wizards to continue their study of Natural Time.

The Arcturian Chessboard is how we apply these newfound number frequencies of the hexagrams in a matrix of 8×8. The triplets on the outer circuit of the chessboard define the positions of the hexagrams and form the container that is holding four sequences in one. On this chessboard we can keep track of the day and chapter numbers in the Galactic Season.

Outer time is horizontal time, linear time as we know it scientifically. This is the time we perceive and measure with our senses, it is what we see. The Gregorian calendar is measuring the lineair outer time, which is perfectly in sync with the Lunar Ring. In following the synodic cycle of the Moon we cross a bridge from outer to inner time, step by step. If we count 13 lunation in days (knowing that one lunation is 29,53059 days) this approximately 384 days, which are all the lines in the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, now U in cube numbers.

Inner time is radial time, it contains the lineair time. Inner time is the time that we perceive mentally, it can be understood and followed by our mind. Inner time teaches us how the mind works radially, which means that every moment in (lineair) time is connected with another moment or moments in (lineair) time. The 13 Moon synchronometer is the perfect way to measure this mental time cycle in whole numbers, so that we can measure one cycle of Inner Time with all the days in two Solar Rings or 13 Moon years.

In deeper layers of the radial inner time we discover the enter layer of the Dreamspell, which is the measurement of cosmical units in galactic wholes. In one count of 260 Kin or days (a Tzolkin) we have four seasons of 65 days, which are called the Galactic Seasons. These are coded with the four colours (Red, White, Blue & Yellow). The 0-64 chapters of the U Ching are synchronised within these 65 days of the Galactic Season. We can read now a chapter a day, and study all of its deeper radial connections. In this we train our mind to inverse situations in our live, or heal them by seeing their complementary connection.

Synchronicity is vertical time, it penetrates directly through lineair time, this is what surprises you by coincidence. We can perceive a synchronicity as a miracle happening before our eyes. This demonstrates you the illusion of lineair (outer) time, which is an interesting fact to research. Synchronicity informs you from the other side, from a bigger view. What is it telling you? What does it mean to you? We can value the synchronicities as signs guiding us along the path of our mission. Learn to work with a system of symbols in a harmonic measurement of time will assist you greatly in discovering the patterns of synchronicity, and what it means is up to you! * ( * )

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