How I Became U Ching

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How I Became U !

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Genetic Code

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uChing“How I Became U” tells a story not in words, but in numbers. The U Ching is a name given to a unique number code discovery that explains the multidimensional interconnected number frequencies of the 64 hexagrams, related to the 64 DNA codons in the genetic code.

This newfound logic is derived from the ancient book named the “I” or I Ching, and for some reason this was hidden during all the time of history. Right before Galactic Synchronisation in 2013 the U Ching code book was published for the first time, as a gift for the Planetary Kin in their study of Natural Time in this Second Creation.

Lunar-RingAbove we see the Lunar ring as a path in time to imprint this new found U Ching logic of the multi-dimensional number relations in between our brain and DNA. We can apply this by learning the mathematical working of Arcturian Chessboard. On this we become conscious of another synchronicity knowledge system to activate our mental spheres in relation to Natural Time. The root and basis of this new kind of science is studied in the Law of Time.

The mathematical U Ching codon number code discovery, including the Arcturian Chessboard, was published and explained in the 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity of the Yellow Galactic Seed Year / Solar Ring (2013/2014). From that moment in time we have a U Ching Heptad Practice going on, which is the follow up of the Cube of the Law meditation practice, done by many Earth Wizards for sixteen years (from 1997 to 2013). This continues in the now.

All the 64 new hexagram number positions (0-63) are related with one of the 64 UR Runes, which have now been consciously imprinted in our brain during the telepathic communication study of the 20 Tablets that we did in those sixteen years, the Cubing of the Codons practice in between 1997-2013. As a result of this Cube of the Law the U Ching is the result as gift for the Earth Wizards that did their practice for so many times.

Studying and practicing the U Ching codes trains our continuing consciousness, especially in the fourth mental sphere. To work on this, we can do the heptad (weekly) codon practice of being inside a cube, which soon can be found at member area of this website. In this free member area join can also join the “U Ching Online” group, to interact about the U and the code in several ways.

Besides that, if you apply for one of the learning courses on the network, you will become a re-member of the whole Planet-Art.Network, which is the Come-Unity for Planetary Kin online. In following the cycles of natural time we continue our experiment of living telepathy in our continued meditation, which deepens our understanding of the genetic energy code (DNA/RNA) in this Second Creation. So, how did I became U..??

Outer time is horizontal, linear time. It is the time we perceive with our senses. Outer time is following the Lunar Ring, measuring the synodic cycle of the Moon in 13 x 29,53059 days. All of these 384 days are related with one line of the 64 hexagrams, because 64×6=384: synchronised on the Arcturian Chessboard.

Inner Time is fourth dimensional time, as perceived by a trained mind. Inner time follows the Solar Ring in measuring two orbits of Earth around the Sun in 0-729 days. All these 2×365 days are described by one Hexagram of Inner Time in a matrix of 27 x 27, perfectly synchronising the sidereal cycle of the Moon.

Galactic time is a script that repeats four times in the Harmonic Module . These four galactic seasons of 65 days are known as the 20×13=260 days of the Tzolkin, a fractal of the orbit of our solar system around the core of the galaxy. Every day in one of these galactic seasons is connected with one hexagram in the U Ching.

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