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How I Became U !

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Genetic Code

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uChingThe U Ching describes how the Moon cycles through the Noosphere, and how that can be measured in whole cube numbers in elegant matrices. The U Ching is an application (app) of the Dreamspell and 13 Moon calendar from the Law of Time, describing the astronomical (synodic and sidereal) time into the synchronic order by the I Ching in whole numbers. Studying this logic in continuing consciousness will give you more and more the experience of synchronicity.

In between Kin 80 and Kin 100 early 2016 U was explained in 9 notes:

“How I Became U” is not telling a story in words, but in numbers. This unique number code discovery explains a multidimensional relationship in between 063 cube number frequencies, derived from decoding the 64 I Ching hexagrams. How is this related to the 64 DNA codons and 13 Moon lunations?

U Ching Milestones and Key Dates:

The “U Ching” code was discovered on Sunday morning November 18 in 2007. But the roots of this discovery go even further back as the I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Mutations. The “new” U Ching order goes back to the start of history in the far East, a mythical figure known as emperor Fu Xi knew U.

For some reason his knowledge became hidden (occult) during the time of history. Maybe King Wen changed the pattern of Fu Xi for a purpose? King Wen became later known as the Pattern Changer, and it in 2007 the pattern changed again. This U, now to start or continue studying your Self.

The Arcturian Chessboard is how we apply this newfound number logic of all the I Ching hexagrams. It is in a matrix of 8x8 to study the connection of the 64 DNA codons in cube numbers. The 8x8 triplets on the outer circuit of the chessboard define the positions of every hexagram or cube number. On one chessboard we keep track of all the days in the Lunar Ring and also of all the chapters in one Galactic Season.

U Ching News and Updates:

( * ) * Please study and become aware of the Synchronic Order. Everything unfolds in a perfect projected script, for us to read and understand within the harmonic cycles of Natural Time. Study the Law of Time to understand how the Synchronic Order works.

Outer Time is Horizontal Time, Linear Time as we see it. This is scientific time, the time that we perceive and measure with tools and our senses. The Gregorian calendar measures “outer time” as the Mayan Long Count does. Many ancient Lunar calendars have done the same. Outer Time is related to Synodic Time, in which one turn of Earth around her axis is measured in 24 hours a day.

Inner Time is Radial Time, it encompasses lineair time and keeps it running. Inner Time can by “perceived” with your mind, its a mental logic to be understood before it can be followed. Inner Time teaches us how time is radial transmitted and received. Inner Time can be measured in two 13 Moon calendar years, which is one Cycle of Inner Time. In this we keep track of the Sidereal Moon.

From Outer to Inner Time we actually enter fourth dimensional time. This is a whole spectrum of layers and cycles in Natural Time. With use of the 13 Moon Calendar or Synchronometer we apply the Dreamspell of our 260 Kin, Galactic Signatures or archetypes. The archetypical script of 064 chapters in the 65 days of the Galactic Seasons is the portal to next dimension.

Of course, when we talk or want to learn about time, please study the Law of Time. The U Ching could only be discovered because of the existence of the Law of Time.

Synchronicity is the Vertical Time, it penetrates directly through Lineair Time. This is what surprises you in the moment by coincidence. We normally perceive this as a miracle, but how is your mind related to it? Synchronicity demonstrates the illusion of Lineair or Outer Time, it plays with that! Synchronicity informs you  by U (from the other side) to follow the path of your destiny.

Synodic Time is Outer Time, which we can measure in the Lunar Ring with counting 13 synodic Moon cycles in days, which 13 times (lunations) of 29,53059 days. If we follow the synodic Moon cycle not only with our senses, but also with our mind in whole numbers, we build a bridge from Outer Time to Inner Time. It is inevitable that we will cross this bridge, which brings us to Other Side of Time.

Sidereal Time is Stellar Time, the time it takes to return in one orbit to the same star in the sky. The Stellar Day (Earth returning to the same fixed star) is in this manner 236 seconds shorter. Also the Moon can be traced in her cycle towards the stars, this Sidereal Moon cycle 27,322 days and can be followed in the whole number matrices of the Stellar Clock and Inner Time Cycle.

Next Sidereal Moon in

2016/05/03 19:18:38

Next New Moon in

2016/04/07 13:23:00

Next Full Moon in

2016/04/22 07:23:00

Next Sun in Stellar Clock

2017/03/20 11:30:00

New Galactic Season in

2016/04/18 00:00:00

New Lunar Ring in

2016/09/17 00:00:00

New Solar Ring in

2016/07/26 00:00:00

New Inner Time Cycle in

2017/07/26 00:00:00

If we understand something of the different U Ching cycles in time, we can follow and study the U Ching codes further in the framework of the Synchronic Order that can be studied in the Law of Time. Here we can read and study a few more posts, to learn about the practical application of the U Ching codes.

More Synchronic Code Stories:

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